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Cattle auctions with the best stock in Texarkana, TX

Add a classic touch to your land
The team at J & J Livestock Auction Company is experienced in the execution of an auction! We host an auction every Saturday at noon, and all of that experience benefits you. From cattle auctions to horse auctions and more, we’re the best option in Texarkana, TX. If you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, come down anyway and maybe you will be surprised by the perfect stock for you. 
Cattle auctions in Texarkana, TX

We have what you're looking for

J & J Livestock Auction Company hosts auctions with plenty of choices. The pickings are not slim, and neither is the cattle. You might have something in particular in mind, or perhaps you just want to take in the unique atmosphere of our auction house until you find something that attracts your attention. Whatever the reason, you will surely be in awe of some of the cattle found in one of our cattle auctions in Texarkana.

Cattle auctions

J & J Livestock Auction Company's auction house in Texarkana can help you buy or sell cattle. Our appraisals are fair and our audience robust. Cattle auctions require knowledgeable auctioneers, and that’s the only type we employ. Bring your cattle by and we’ll provide an appraisal to match. 

Expert appraisals

The staff members at J & J Livestock Auction Company's Texarkana-based auction house are all livestock enthusiasts. We live and breathe beasts, and love passing our knowledge on to you. If you have questions, we are pleased to lend you a hand and point you in the right direction. We understand that cattle auctions can be a little overwhelming to somebody new to the process, which is why we always make sure we are available to answer any questions you might have.
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