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We have successful horse auctions in Texarkana, TX

J & J Livestock Auction Company is an auction house in Texarkana, TX specializing in the buying and selling of quality livestock. If you're looking for only one, or many horses, come and take a look at one of our horse auctions. Over the years, we've facilitated the sale of many horses, goats and more. We are always on the lookout for animals for our auctions, so please contact us if you're interested in selling your stock.

Buy stock

Visit our auction house and browse our treasure trove of beasts. You're sure to find the perfect animal or animals for you. There's a chance for fantastic bargains at our auctions. If you're looking for the best site for horse auctions, don't hesitate to call us in Texarkana for more information.

Horse auctions

If you have quality horses, they could be worth a great deal. Many in the Texarkana area frequent our horse auctions because they desire one or a few quality horses, and they’re willing to pay fair prices. If you do not wish to keep your store of horses, J & J Livestock Auction Company can help you capitalize. Allow our Texarkana-based team to evaluate your animal or animals and we’ll apply a good appraisal. Make an appointment at our auction house for a professional appraisal. We’ve been performing horse auctions in Texarkana for a long time and our experience and knowledge is here to serve you. 

Sell stock

Need some extra cash or looking to get rid of land? If you have cattle, horses, or goats, bring them to us first, and you will have cash and unoccupied land. Our livestock dealers will be happy to talk you through the process of one of our horse auctions. We'll devise a strategy to ensure you get the best possible deal. Visit us in Texarkana first!
A horse from horse auctions in Texarkana, TX
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